How to make a payment

  1. Upon registration, on the page- Purchase a Memorial site, enter valid credit card details if required, or enter 0 and then click: submit.
  2. In case of an error message, please correct details as required and then click: Submit.
  3. Successful processing of orders generates an automatic e-mail confirmation. Please consider keeping the confirmation note for your records.
  4. If an e-mail confirmation of the order does not arrive, it may indicate that: A) the registration did not go through, or B) the account holder's e-mail was entered incorrectly or is otherwise invalid and thus the confirmation notification could not be delivered. In case e-mail confirmation does not arrive within 24 hours after an order was placed, please contact: 1-877-3757-287 and provide relevant details.

Note: Please DO NOT send original pictures, text or payments via mail before making an application and getting approval for such procedure from the company.  We have set up to take everything needed for the memorial (upload text, pictures, complete registration and make payments) online and thus mail orders, while welcome,  require prior approval. 

Call us Toll free at: 1 877 37 57 287

Write us: POB 460 Bogota NJ 07603

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