How to join the group affiliate program (administrator)


The Affiliate Program: A long-term service with immediate benefits.

Organizations and Webmasters are invited to join our Affiliate Program.

Group affiliates get a self-managed group site for FREE and can start creating benefits within 24 hours. Group Administrator can offer private, self-managed memorial pages online to an unlimited number of group members. 

The benefits of group registration

* Give or rent members the ability to self-manage private memorials.

* Private E-Guest Book is provided for easy self-management.

* Obituary pages and notices are FREE.

* Group Administrators get a self-managed, group memorial site for FREE.

* Group administrator controls pricing or provide free service to members.

* Group administrator can follow group registration & manage group site.

* Feature can be added to an existing site or set independently.

* Memorial page options include a FREE option without obligation.

* Memorials can be set for public display or for private view with password.

* Users have direct control over their site features, images and content.

* Privacy is respected: No data shared, no commercials shown.

* Staff training and on-going customer support is available without charge.

Call us toll free: 1-877-375-7287 to indicate your group registration option.  EmpathyOnline will work with you to ensure that private commemoration is both available and affordable to every member of the community.


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