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What we do:

Families, individuals and groups are invited to create private memorials.

Service, options and benefits:

* Register without obligation and get a memorial page for FREE.

* Obituaries (without image or e-mail) are registered for FREE.

* Owner control of the private memorial site: design, text, pictures, e-mail.

* Owner can add the feature to an existing site or display independently.

* Owner can set the memorial as public or make it password protected.

Your privacy:

Respecting the privacy of our listed members, company does NOT share customer information with other organizations.

About us and the promise never to forget:

StillRemember.com was built to keep a promise: Never to Forget. The memorial site was initially created in 2000 by Dr. Ron Kraus in memory of his father, Otto (Ota) B. Kraus and sister Michaela. Ron also wished to commemorate Maternal grandparents, Paternal grandparents and uncle who were lost in the Holocaust

StillRemember is operated by EmpathyOnlineOur promise is never to forget.

Mail: POB 460 Bogota NJ 07603 USA    l    Toll Free: 1-877-375-7287

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